Gecko Island

Welcome to Gecko Island

The Gecko Island Republic was founded in 1706 by privateers, runaway slaves and a small group of natives who survived the Conquistador’s occupation.

Gecko Island was one of the first democratic republics, along with the Pirate Republic in Nassau.

Like most other islands in the Caribbean Gecko Island has been home to production of cane sugar, rum, coconuts, bananas, pineapples and coffee.

Gecko Island has never been formally colonized.

Gecko Island

Independent island republic in the heart of the Caribbean.

Country code: GXL

Capital: Queens Town

Population: 410.000 (2020)

Areal: 612 km²

Language: English

Time zone: UTC-5

Driving side: Left

Government: Direct democracy

Religion: Atheism (75%), Rastafari (10%),
Obeah (15%)

National anthem: Redemption Song

The capital Queens Town is named after the famous anti slavery rebel ‘Queen’ Mary, who lead an uprising in the nearby former Dansk Vestindien (present day U.S. Virgin Islands).

In the picture you see Queens Town Beach Café, that doubles as the city hall from 7:00 PM on the last Tuesday of every month.

The Republic

Gecko Island holds proud traditions as co-inventor of the modern republic, and due to the limited size of the island (and population) direct democracy is in effect.

The highest office in the republic is Mayor (as “president” sounds too posh), but the Mayor will leave all major decisions to a direct vote among the islands inhabitants from the age of 16.

Votes are cast using an app developed specifically for Gecko Island.

While Gecko Island is named after the shape of the island, it’s another four legged creature that is known to roam the island with casual arrogance: The Caribbean Iguana.


Even though Gecko Island has both fertile soil and fresh water it was never a priority for the numerous colonising forces in the Caribbean.

The Conquistadors made a brief occupation, but left as the indigenous populations started to die in large numbers, from the deceases broad ashore from Spain.

Soon Gecko Island became a free haven for pirates, privateers, runaway slaves from neighbouring islands, and surviving natives.

The independent democratic republic developed here, in sync with the Pirate Republic in Nassau (on New Providence Island), where it unfortunately was relatively short lived, while it prevailed here on Gecko Island.

As this framework for a democratic republic has been copied by USA, France and other western world countries with somewhat limited succes, we have further developed democracy, and are today the only country in the world with direct democracy.

Thanx to this background we celebrate suffragettes, rebels, mutineers, equality frontrunners and underdogs in general, with every breath.